Sunfish Scores Feb. 16th

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Sunfish AA

Sunfish A

Sunfish B


Windlasses participated in Show Your Stuff at the Hale Center in Dunedin on 2/18/17. Gayle Pinkowski did a great job organizing our exhibit and volunteers. The whole ballroom was filled with tables of exhibits from the City of Dunedin and from many organizations that serve Dunedin and nearby communities. The expo was sponsored by the DCO (Dunedin Council of Organizations), of which Windlasses is a member. Many people stopped by to chat and get further information about Windlasses. We may see an increased number of observers on Thursdays! Other Windlasses who helped were Leila Bugenhagen, Sandy Wieher, Bobbe Hall, Miki Lang, Rhondia Provine, and Robin Story.

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