Hazel’s picture suddenly dipped face first into the cake! How she would have been howling with laughter if she’d been here (or WAS she?)


Helen Orton
Diane Bretzius
Libby Griffith
Marie McMahon
Lynn Radcliff
Cyn McClaud
Donna Newman
Tibby Scheffer
Ruth Smit
Carol Blue
Kupe Cushman
Joan Latham
Midge DuPont
Joan Prince
Fay Doty
Kay Tulppo
Kathy Mack
Pam Silva
Valerie Greathouse
Olivia Shepard
Dottie Olson
Sylvia Meeker
Laura Park
Meta VanLeeuwen
Nancy Pugh
Dorthy Hildner
Lucy Shepard
Pat Besch
Mary Jane Scott
Lou Strauss
MaryAnn Steeves
Sylvia Gulkis

Vicki Yarbrough

Betty Heisler

Marilyn Belson

Nancy Durstein

Lorraine Roy-DeWitt

Georgia Jensen

Rhonda Tritschler

Mary Anne Russell

Susan Babcock

Gobby Kuhn

Hazel Kirk

Picture from memorial for Don Story March 2013