Sportsmanship trophy was donated in 1972 by Jim Bretzius, the husband of a former Windlass, Diane Bretzius.  This trophy is a silver brass ice bucket.

The sportsmanship trophy shall be a rotating trophy presented at the Windlass annual meeting to remember who, in the opinion of the group, most embodies the special qualities of good sportsmanship on or off the water.

Suggestion for this award a shall be made throughout the year.  These suggestions shall be collected by committee of former recipients of the award, and they shall submit a slate of deserving nominees which shall be posted two weeks before the final vote by the general membership.  This vote shall be counted by the past recipients.

An appropriate keeper charm shall be presented to the winner of this trophy the following year, and the trophy can be won by individual only one time.

1972 Lou Strauss

1973 Nancy Hood-Good

1974 Kupe Cushman

1975 Olivia Shepard

1976 Lucy Shepard

1977 Hilda Crawford

1978 Joan Latham

1979 Cheryl Twining

1980 Shirley Rymer

1981 Shirley Zinn

1982 Faye Rogers

1983 Marie McMahon

1984 Beth Kohut

1985 Dorothy Hildner

1986 Ellen Hardgrave

1987 Terri Schweiger

1988 Gail Allen

1989 Leah Hayes

1990 Ann Newton

1991 Alice Katterhenry

1992 Sylvia Mabe

1993 Cate Horn

1994 Marilyn Belson

1995 Janet Hicks

1996 Fran Abilock

1997 Helen Orton

1998 Marianne DeCosta

1999 Freida Williams

2000 SarahBeth Reeves

2001 Sandy Huff

2002 Pat Besch

2003 Paula Shur

2004 Jan Risberg

2005 Lisa Glaser

2006 Freddie Webb

2007 Leila Bugenhagen

2008 Carol Elwood

2009 Hazel Kirk

2010 Jutta Kohl

2011 Barbara Carrier

2012 Margo Currey

2013 Janet Kreutzer

2014 Lisa Conlon

2015 Barbara Ewert

2016 Dotty Bellefleur

2017  Denise Bissonnette

2018  Robin Babka

2019 Tangi Bohlmann