Retired Annual Pram Trophy

Retired Annual Pram Trophy

The Annual Dinghy Trophy for an IOD and pram/OPPI sailors was donated by the 2010/2011 Planning Race Committee and friends in 2011.  Any future changes to the awarding of this rotating trophy shall be made by the current Planning Race Committee.  To qualify a sailor may sail any combination of IOD, Clearwater pram or OPPI in the top fleet of her class in all raced series.  Special races are not included.  Eligible skippers shall be given points for her finish in place in her fleet (1 – 1st, 2 -2nd, 3 -3rd, etc.) each series, and the winner shall be the skipper with the lowest number points.  Ties shall be broken by considering the total number of points awarded during the year (after throw outs).  The winner’s name and the year shall be engraved on the trophy and in appropriate keeper charm shall be awarded the following year.

1971   Nancy Hood-Good

1972   Nancy Hood-Good

1973   Carol Brown

1974   Hilda Crawford

1975   Julie Anderson

1976   Ann Warrick

1977   Hilda Crawford

1978   Kupe Cushman

1979   Patricia Slaughter

1980   Marianne DeCosta

1981   Marianne DeCosta

1982   Hilda Crawford

1983   Lou Strauss

1984   Hilda Crawford

1985   Hilda Crawford

1986   Hilda Crawford

1987   Hilda Crawford

1988   Hilda Crawford

1989   Kay Danner

1990   Hilda Crawford

1991   Kay Danner

1992   Sylvia Mabe

1993   Kay Danner

1994   Sally Irving

1995   Sally Irving

1996   Sally Irving

1997   Sylvia Mabe

1998   Fran Abilock

1999   Fran Abilock

2000   Sylvia Mabe

2001   Fran Abilock

2002   Fran Abilock

2003   Sylvia Mabe

2004   Sylvia Mabe

2005   Susan Lucas

2006   Sylvia Mabe

2007   Susan Foote

2008   Sylvia Mabe

2009   Sylvia Mabe

2010   Lisa Conlon

2011   Robin Babka

2012   Robin Babka

2013   Rita Root

2014   Robin Babka

2015   Robin Babka

2016   Sylvia Mabe

2017   Robin Babka

2018   Paula Dulin

2019 Lisa Conlon