This award was donated by Nancy Hood Good in 2009.  It is a diamond -shaped Jewel glass trophy mounted on a gold base and etched with the Windlass logo and the trophy name. It represents the long-lasting and giving spirit of Lou Strauss.

It shall be given to a Windlass who has made long-time contributions to the sport of sailing, both within and outside Windlasses either on or off the water.

The recipient shall be determined by a committee of three Windlasses (the first committee to be named by Nancy Hood-Good) who have been Windlasses for a minimum of 10 years.  The first committee shall name the committee for the following year, and each committee thereafter shall do likewise. One member of the committee shall be the last recipient. There is no term limit.

The award can be won by an individual only one time, and an appropriate keeper charm shall be presented to the winner of the award the following year.  Names of recipients shall not be on the award itself.

2009 Cheryl Twining

2010 Ann Newton

2011 SarahBeth Reeves

2012 Fran Abilock

2013 Barbara Carrier

2014 Sylvia Mabe

2015 Barb Meyer

2016 Dotty Bellefleur

2017 Margo Currey

2018 Paula Shur

2019 Lisa Glaser