The original Most Improved Trophy and was donated by Nancy Hood in 1970.  In 1973 she added a second trophy.  The original trophy, a silver compote, became the New Salt Trophy, and a silver bread tray became the Old Salt Trophy.

This trophy shall be rotating trophy presented to the Windlass who has sailed with the Windlasses for more than three years and who has shown the most improvement in her sailing ability in the pram during the year.

The Race Committee shall select the winners and get their names shall be engraved on the respective trophies.  If no member is thought by the race committee to be deserving of either of these awards, it may elect not to award it for that year.

This trophy was replaced in 1989 but Shirlan Rymer and Maxine Fredericks with a silver Revere bowl.  An appropriate keeper charm shall be awarded to the winners the following year.

1973 Hilda Crawford

1974 Connie Lundeen

1975 Babs Moritz

1976 Not Awarded

1977 Kupe Cushman

1978 Bobbie Partain

1979 Bonnie Voight

1980 Marianne DeCosta

1981 Cyn McClaud

1982 Not Awarded

1983 Ellen Hardgrave

1984 Jane Gehris

1985 Barbara Schmitz

1986 Barbara Frietsch

1987 Mary Schwanz

1988 Nancy Farina

1989 Pat Besch

1990 Fran Abilock

1991 Sandy Huff

1992 Phyllis Phillips

1993 Not Awarded

1994 Helen Orton

1995 Cynthia Avance

1996 Arlene Lane

1997 Amy Steeves

1997 Teddy Buell

1998 Gerri Pringle

1999 Fran Abilock

2000 Karen Harmon

2001 Nancy Cooper

2002 Mary Jane Scott

2003 Maria Dickson

2004 Marti Page

2005 Dottie Major

2006 Mary Jo Renner

2007 Lisa Conlon

2008 Tangi Bohlmann

2009 Barb Ewert

2010 none

2011 none

2012 Diane Schmidt

2013 Shirley Anderson

2014 Michaela Mahoney

2015 Maria Giroffi

2016 Jan Bowers

2017 not awarded

2018 Susan Foote

2019 Lisa Conlon