A special race trophy donated in 1992 by SarahBeth Reeves and Lisa Glaser shall be awarded annually to the Windlass who has participated in all of the following races held: Halloween Race, Christmas Bell Race, Valentine’s Day Race, and St. Patrick’s day Race, and who achieves the lowest score based on individual effort.  A tied score shall be resolved by the total number of boats defeated.  An appropriate keeper charm shall be awarded to the winner the following year.

1992 Marianne DeCosta

1993 Marianne DeCosta

1994 Marianne DeCosta

1995 Carole Butler

1996 Sally Irving

1997 Gail Allen

1998 Sylvia Mabe

1999 Beth DeArmond

2000 Sally Irving

2001 Fran Abilock

2002 Carol Lilienthal

2003 Sylvia Mabe

2004 Robin Wright

2005 Not awarded

2006 Susan Foote

2007 Kim Thinel

2008 Robin Babka

2009 Tracy Tippin

2010 none

2011 Paula Shur

2012 Rita Root

2013 Fran Abilock

2014 Paula Shur

2015 Sylvia Mabe

2016 Lisa Conlon

2017 Fran Abiliock

2018 Sylvia Mabe

2019 Chris Kelly