Most Improved One Design

Most Improved One Design

This trophy (formerly known as the Most Improved One Design) was donated in 1977 by Susan Bankston, Sylvia Mabe and Ann Newton as a rotating trophy to be presented annually to the Windlass who has shown the most consistent improvement in the one-design fleet throughout the year.  It was replaced in 2004 by Sylvia Mabe and Ann Newton and will be known as the Most Improved Sunfish Sailor Trophy.  Ann appropriate keeper charm shall be awarded to the winner the falling year.

1977 Jean Simpkins

1978 Jean Simpkins

1979 Gail Allen

1980 Pearl Crobaugh

1981 Mary Anne Russell

1982 Terri Schweiger

1983 Marianne DeCosta

1984 Ann Hurst

1985 Not Awarded

1986 Terry Peterson

1987 Bobbe Hall

1988 Mary Schwanz

1989 Not Awarded

1990 Barbara Bruce

1991 Jan Negley

1992 Cate Horn

1993 SarahBeth Reeves

1994 SarahBeth Reeves

1995 Debbie Hofbauer

1996 Marty Williamson

1997 Cheryl Twining

1998 Not Awarded

1999 Betty Dick

1999 Barbara Meyer

2000 Sharon Williams

2001 Paula Shur

2002 Sally Irving

2003 Lori McConnell


 Most Improved Sunfish

Most Improved Sunfish

2004 not awarded

2005 Sandy Wieher

2006 Jutta Kohl

2007 Leah Hayes

2008 Kim Thinel

2009 Sharon Williams

2010 Carolyn Diehl

2011 Janet Kreutzer

2012 Janet Kreutzer

2013 not awarded

2014 Rita Root

2015 Carolyn Diehl

2016 Not Awarded

2017 Karen Feeney

2018 Joy Sheets